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Progress at the coast

I had hoped to return to San Antonio yesterday; however, one of our sales people at Tortuga Dunes asked me to meet with a builder/developer who has 10 new townhomes he needs to sell, the meeting scheduled for either today or Monday. So, between that and being just plain tired, I decided to stay here. This morning the office called to tell me I had an unexpected visitor from Austin, a broker I know who is putting together a lot of deals, so I went in to see him; unbeknownst to me, there was also an 11:15 meeting with the aforementioned builder/developer. So, I had back to back meetings this morning, both very productive. In fact, the Austin broker wants to hire me to sell a project in Seadrift, offering me an equity position and an office in Rockport. The builder will give us the listing on the 10 townhomes as a result of our meeting, and this afternoon I had a call asking me to sell another master-planned community in Rockport. Sounds like the winds of change want me in Rockport!

I am blessed to have myriad opportunities; important to be judicious in deciding what to do. I believe that if I did leave Tortuga Dunes for another project, I have put in place the proper protocol with the existing staff for them to be successful. I also strongly believe that when making a decision, it is always prudent to make sure I am moving toward something better for me rather than just away from something I don’t like or want…the latter solution seeming to be a little cowardly, the former an exercise in proactivity that’s in my best interest. I also know that I want love in my life, and my present circumstances don’t exactly support such stability; that too factors into my thinking and feeling as I seem to be coming to a fork in the road.

If I had to be stuck down here, I thought I should make the best of it, so this afternoon I wandered up to Port Aransas and played the Arnold Palmer course, Newport Dunes with my friend Carol. Aside from being behind some slooooowwww players, we had a great day. It’s a beautiful course, with several holes toward the end affording views of the beach. I even had a few pars to go with the holes we didn’t bother to keep score on. As the afternoon waned, a fog settled in over the course and as we drove back to Padre Island after dinner, the fog was thick but we got home safely. It was a great day today; God is good.


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