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Limbo doesn’t rock

Many years ago a colleague gave me a coffee mug on which was a picture of a bird running frantically around, followed by other frantic birds, and the wording was, “We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful”. That is how we, the faithful Tortuga Dunes sales staff are feeling at the moment. We are sitting here on a developed residential location, nearly ready to start selling. As of yesterday my broker is officially retired, leaving me completely at the helm; the developers have no sense of urgency whatsoever to help us; we don’t have a completed sales contract to use even if someone DID want to buy…so we are feeling a little out to pasture down here.

To spice things up, I had a call today from a private investigator from Houston telling me that he is conducting an asset/liability investigation on a couple who own a house we listed, and he needs access to the inside of the house. A conversation with the collection company he is working for revealed that the couple apparently never paid for some bathroom fixtures and this is an attempt to force the issue or, I suppose, confiscate the plumbing. When we told the collections guy we couldn’t let anyone in the house, he threatened to send the sheriff thinking that would scare us into compliance. It didn’t.

My friend Carol has been gone the whole time I’ve been here; I miss her! We’ve talked on the phone a lot but it isn’t the same. She’s returning today, and I will be happy to see her. A front blew through and it’s been cold, but today the sun is out and it is rather glorious. It doesn’t take long for things in this tropical climate to warm up. I am ready to do some fishing!


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