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Onward Through the Fog

STARTED 1/2, finished 1/4, edited 1/6

Several weeks ago I had a call from a gentleman in the midwest interested in learning about Tortuga Dunes and stating that he was going to travel here and wanted to meet with me at 10 am on Friday, Jan. 2. He called back about a week ago to confirm, so I knew or was pretty sure I had an appointment.

I left the house early to get here and be prepared for him (and, it turns out, straigten up co-workers’ desks and scrub the toilet…what do these people do when I’m not here?!?!) and to my great dismay, the fog was so thick I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. So, here came these people from Kansas to the sunny Texas coast where at the moment you can’t see a thing. I had to ask them to come back in the afternoon, when the fog burns off. So, they did. We toured the site, but with nothing built there was little for them to get excited about. Of course, they weren’t that exciting either so all in all it was pretty boring! The wife’s name was Gladys. Enough said.

To clear my head, this morning I went for a walk on the seawall at the beach…somewhat ironic since it was so foggy you could only hear, not see, the waves but in a way it was magical, with a sense of the surf’s power that was as palpable as the mist. It is still hazy here but the weather will soon give way to a big change, falling temps, north winds, and at last, perhaps some clarity.

To be continued…


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